Beware of Greenwashing

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With environmental consciousness on the rise, many consumers are opting to use green variations to products including cleaning supplies. The term “green” has been used to describe any product that is environmentally safe and made out of either natural or recycled material. Many consumers are now requiring the use of green cleaning chemicals in their facilities and homes. With the rise to fill this specific demand also comes untrustworthy sources

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There are many products on the market today that is promoted as being green or natural when indeed they are not. These cleaning chemicals are designed to mislead the customer into thinking they are environmentally preferred simply by how they label the product. A common example includes having a product called “Orange Cleaner” and claiming it is all-natural and made from oranges. In some minuscule way, it could be made from oranges but that doesn’t account for all of the other harsh chemicals that make up the formula. Another way to mislead the consumer is by using green lettering on the label and adding a picture of a beautiful green landscape. These deceiving techniques and false claims used to trick consumers are known as “greenwashing”.

Past studies have shown that after testing thousands of “green” products, as much as 95% of these so-called eco-friendly products are being greenwashed, or have exaggerated claims and sometimes even flat out lies. The only way to truly know that a product is environmentally safe is by having it certified by a reliable third-party organization, like Green Seal. Green Seal, and other trusted organizations like it, are recognized for holding high standards while rigorously testing products to ensure their environmental sustainability before marking their stamp of approval. So next time when you are looking for green cleaning chemicals, make sure to read any labels or claims closely and check the bottles to see for yourself what goes into each product. If Green Seal or other similar group has approved the product, you’re sure to get something that is better for the environment and not just better for the manufacturer’s wallet.

If you are one of the many consumers interested in the green approach, please contact us at Greater Cincinnati Maids. We strive to provide the best house cleaning services in Cincinnati, and use high quality environmentally safe cleaning products for families interested in helping to protect the environment!

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