What’s Lurking Underneath of the Range Hood May Harm You

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range hood fire hazard 300x300 What’s Lurking Underneath of the Range Hood May Harm YouWe all know that a kitchen can get a bit dirty from time to time. However, what many may not fully realize is that some of the dirt can cause more than unpleasant odors, upset stomachs and uncomfortable looks from family and friends. It can also create an unwelcome fire hazard. That’s why it needs to be a part of every resident’s home management plans.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s research, fat, oil and grease are three of the most dangerous, flammable substances found in a home’s kitchen. They can ignite quickly and rapidly spread throughout a home in no time. Thereby potentially leaving unsuspecting families injured, homeless or worse. And one of the places where those three items are apt to be found in abundance is inside of a poorly maintained range hood.

Over the years, we have found that home cooks don’t mean to neglect their range hoods. Many just mistakenly believe that merely wiping down the hood’s exterior is enough to keep it clean and working properly. It does help, but the unfortunate reality is that grease, oil and fat residues can, and do, travel much farther than that. As a matter of fact, as time goes on the residue may accumulate on the unit’s metal mesh filters, fan blades, duct work, grease gutters and interior side walls. In some instances, the residue may also exit the range hood’s ventilation openings and settle on the home’s surrounding exterior or interior walls. That said, the more residue buildup that exists in, and around, a home’s range hood, the more likely it is to pose a fire hazard.

On a positive note, your family doesn’t have to tackle the range hood alone (or any other cleaning task, for that matter)! At Greater Cincinnati Maids, we’ve been detail cleaning the inside of range hoods, drip pans and other notoriously greasy areas of Cincinnati, Ohio homes for more than 30 years. So we would be more than happy to help Cincinnati families rid their homes of deadly grease buildup, wherever it may exist. To learn more about this service and additional home management topics, please contact us. You can find a full list of our cleaning services in Cincinnati right here on our site. We handle a wide variety of important cleaning tasks so you don’t have to.

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