4 Fantastic Cleaning Tips for a Sparking Clean Oven

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Would you eat food from a dirty oven?

If your answer is no, then make sure that you clean your oven at least on a seasonal basis. Not doing so won’t only make you feel great about the food you eat, but it will improve your kitchen’s overall hygiene.

After all, the idea of bugs and germs in your food probably doesn’t entice you. And even if the high heat does kill most of what’s in your oven, it won’t be long before a dirty oven attracts even more pests.

With some oven cleaning tips, your oven will bake and roast better-tasting and cleaner food.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover four great oven cleaning tips for a sparkling clean oven!

1. Commercial Oven Cleaning Spray

Other methods work great for cleaning out your oven. But you might want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re using a product specifically formulated to clean ovens.

Not only that, but they might be able to tackle jobs that certain DIY methods can’t. However, keep in mind that when using oven cleaning sprays, make sure that you remove as much of their residue as much as you can. This way, you won’t bake your next concoction with too many chemicals abound.

Spray Product

Most oven cleaning products simply instruct you to spray the product all over the oven’s interior. Make sure that you avoid spraying on the heating elements, including the baking coil.


Close the door and wait for about two hours, or however long the instructions on your product’s label state. Afterward, you can wipe off the product that you’ve applied and any gunk/debris with it.

2. Baking Soda

If you love using your oven to bake pastries and bread, then you’ve surely got some baking soda on hand. Give yourself the incentive to freshen your batch by using enough of it for an easy, DIY way to clean your oven! But first, start with a baking soda paste.

Remove Oven Racks

Even if you’re planning on cleaning your oven racks too, treat that mission as a separate task. For now, you’ll only be focusing on the oven itself.

Create Baking Soda Paste

In a small to medium mixing bowl, mix a few tablespoons of water with half a cup of baking soda. Scale this recipe up as much as you need depending on the size of your oven. Keep mixing until it reaches a consistency that is easy to spread.

Apply Paste All Over the Oven

Apply the paste all over the oven’s interior. Make sure that you don’t apply any to any heating elements, including the baking coil.

Let Paste Sit Overnight

Wait overnight, at least 12 hours, while the baking soda paste does its job. This step is also while you’ll want to schedule your oven maintenance ahead of time. When you open your oven again, the baking soda will have turned brown, which is normal.

Apply Vinegar

This paste won’t be a breeze to remove without a bit of help. In this case, help comes in the form of white vinegar.

Apply vinegar all over the interior’s surface, which will allow you to remove the paste more easily. Then, use a wet washcloth to remove the paste and all the oven’s gunk and debris with it.

3. Boiling Water

If you want easy oven cleaning tips, then know that it doesn’t get any easier than only using boiling water. It might not offer the deepest clean, but it can definitely do the trick, especially if you clean your oven on a regular basis. It’s also best to use this method right after you use the oven.

Boil Water

Boil enough water to fill 1-2 inches of a wide baking dish/pan. This way, you’ll account for evaporation so that you have plenty of water to do the job.

Pour Water Into Pan, Place Pan on Bottom Rack

Use that aforementioned dish/pan to pour your boiling water in. Once again, you’ll want to ensure that you fill 1-2 inches of the dish/pan before storing it on the oven’s bottom rack.


The most time you’ll need for this method should be about 30 minutes. Make sure you set a timer since the heat will only last so long to let the water do its magic. Afterward, you’ll be able to wipe off the residue freshly cooked from that night’s dinner.

4. Use Oven Cleaning Services

For some homeowners, learning how to clean their oven isn’t worth the hassle. This may be due to a busy schedule or kitchen size. Either way, professional oven cleaning services are a great tool for any homeowner that cannot or will not expend the energy themselves.

Using a professional cleaning service isn’t only for the sake of convenience. The fact of the matter is, experts will probably do a more thorough job than you could yourself. This means that you can preserve both your oven’s lifespan and your daily schedule.

You don’t need to be a one-percenter to use professional cleaning services. If you haven’t got the time/energy but love using your oven, then consider using professional oven cleaning services today!

Oven Cleaning Tips for Your Seasonal Clean

If you love using your oven, then you know how quickly your oven can cake on layers of grease and food particles. You don’t want to bake your cakes and Sunday roast dinners in an unhygienic oven, so make sure to use these oven cleaning tips at least once every three months!

At Greater Cincinnati Maids, we understand what a squeaky-clean home looks like. That’s why we offer professional cleaning services, including oven cleaning services, for any homeowner that needs them! So if you’re interested in these sorts of services, request a quote from us today.

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