5 House Cleaning Tips for People with Dogs and Cats

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With the right house cleaning tips you never have to choose between your pets and a clean home. Take control of animal hair and other common issues that usually come along with living with a dog or cat.

Animal hair

Let’s tackle the biggest problem first. In fact, let’s cut it off at the source. If your pets have their own bed, cover the cushion with an old towel or sheet you can shake outside and launder regularly. If they like sharing the couch with you, keep the sheet or towel on their spot. Vacuum carpets and mop other surfaces. Use a lint roller for upholstered furniture and clothing.images 1 5 House Cleaning Tips for People with Dogs and Cats

Dirty paws

Your dog or cat probably goes barefoot so you don’t have to remind them to take their shoes off. You can rinse and dry your dog’s paws when he comes back from a walk. As a bonus, you’ll also get rid of potentially harmful chemicals that are used to melt winter snow or any fertilizers they might have picked up in the yard. Plus, who knows where your cat walks when you’re not looking. Disinfect all surfaces where you handle food.

Housebreaking accidents

If a rug gets stained, promptly blot the area with a clean white cloth. Then, take turns blotting it with a towel dipped in diluted dishwashing liquid and rinsing with a wet towel. Professional carpet cleaning can remove more stubborn stains and odors.

Litter boxes

To control odors, buy litter than contains carbon or add a thin layer of baking soda to the bottom of the box. Scoop at least once a day. Wash the box with non-scented detergent every time you change the litter.

Bad table manners

You may never get your pets to stop chewing with their mouths open. Slide a placemat under their bowls so you can wipe up the mess.


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