Some Basic Supplies and Their Uses to Get You Started Green Cleaning

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lemon juice cleanerDo you have an aversion to all of those harsh, obnoxious cleaners? Does the smell of cleaning chemicals bring tears to your eyes? Are you worried that the cleaners often sold in stores are harmful to not only you, but plants, animals, and the environment? Then maybe you should try some green cleaning!

Oftentimes, the chemicals found in household cleaners are more toxic than the dirt you’re trying to clean in the first place. So a great alternative to traditional means is to go green!

Here are some basic supplies (and their uses) that are great for creating your own cleaners:

– Distilled white vinegar: Useful in all aspects of cleaning and disinfecting. Dilute it for a lighter cleaner and mix in a spray bottle, or simply pour it right into your toilet bowl for a fast-acting clean.

Baking soda: Mix baking soda with a bit of water and you can use this as a scrubber, a whitener, and a disinfector.

Olive oil: not just for healthy cooking, olive oil is great for wiping up ornery specks of dirt and scuffs, you can even use it as a furniture polish.

– Lemon Juice: Use it straight to eliminate hard water spots, remove soap scum, and polish brass and copper. Dilute it with olive oil to make furniture polish. It also disinfects and removes foul odors.

– Borax: A great multi-purpose cleaner that also sanitizes and deodorizes. Mixed properly, and it can be a floor cleaner or even a clothing cleaner. You can also use borax to repel insects!

Green cleaning isn’t just about the products you use, it’s also about reducing waste and finding reusable products. So instead of using paper towels, use washable towels or old newspapers. This also means doubling up on products for more than one use. For example, antibacterial cleaners for the bathroom will work fine in the kitchen; green cleaners for wood floors will work on tables and chairs.

With a little extra effort, you’ll be green cleaning in no time! And feel good doing it.

Need help getting started with your green cleaning? Feel free to contact us for information on how we can help.

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