Looking for a House Cleaner? 7 Tips for Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

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84% of Americans think their homes aren’t clean enough. Whether or not that’s true, there’s a bigger picture here. The thought alone stresses out more than half of these homeowners.

And life is stressful enough.

That’s why a cleaning service is a simple investment that can improve both your home and your state of mind. There’s just one problem. You’re looking for a house cleaner — but you don’t know how to hire a great one.

There are countless home cleaning services out there. Ready to find one you can trust? Here are 7 tips for hiring a house cleaner that gets the job done.

1. Interview a Potential Service

You don’t want just anyone coming into your home. It’s important to vet both the house cleaners and cleaning service as a whole. Search your local area for a house cleaner, check the reviews, and create a list of possible cleaning services.

From here, you’ll want to interview each option to find the right fit. It’s best to talk to the cleaners themselves. Depending on the size of the company, you may only be able to speak with a representative.

Take this opportunity to ask about their qualifications and experience, as well as their background check policy. Avoid any cleaning services that don’t vet their employees.

2. Check Their Policies

Here’s a secret about a house cleaning license: It’s not enough. Some states don’t require a license to operate, and others have very lax requirements. So how do you know you’re working with a legitimate house cleaner?

An authentic cleaning service will be bonded and insured. This means the company can provide recompense if any workers break or steal your possessions. It also protects you against a potential lawsuit in case a house cleaner is injured on your property.

Not sure if the house cleaner has a house cleaning insurance policy? Ask them during the interview. If not, then don’t work with this company under any circumstances.

3. Inquire About Cleaning Supplies

If you’re new to hiring a house cleaner, you may assume they bring their own supplies. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes a cleaning service will instead rely on you to provide your own cleaning agents.

Be sure you know the situation regarding the supplies. And if they are bringing their own, inform them of any relevant allergies.

Are you concerned about harsh chemical cleaners? Ask them what types of cleaning products they use. Implore them to use environmentally friendly alternatives, if possible.

4. Establish Cleaning Expectations

Every household has unique challenges. Let’s say you have three long-haired cats and they spend their time in the master bedroom. You should let the cleaning service know pet dander and fur are a priority.

But maybe you don’t have specific cleaning concerns. In fact, maybe there are parts of your home you don’t want them to touch. Be specific and tell them they shouldn’t enter the home office for any reason.

Try to consider any exceptions in advance. For example, harsh cleaning chemicals can degrade antique and historic furniture. It’s in your best interest to warn them ahead of time before any damage is done.

5. Discuss Cleaning Fees

Expenses for a house cleaner are variable and depend on your desires. Some cleaning services charge by the hour and others charge by the size of your home.

They often come in packages, such as a “basic” cleaning package or a “deep clean” package. A basic package may not include washing blinds or dusting crown molding, just for example.

You can receive cleaning estimates over the phone or online. If you get the chance, you should ask a cleaning person to scout out your home in person. This ensures they’ll give you the best estimate possible.

As you discuss the fees, consider the benefits of a house cleaner and what it’s worth to you. You can save with a cleaning service, depending on how you value your time.

6. Consider Housing Complications

Some homes are easier to access than others. Let’s say you live in a second-floor condominium within a gated community.

Your cleaning service will have to contend with several obstacles, such as getting access to the community and the building. Plus, they’ll have to transport their cleaning supplies up the stairs into your home.

With a living situation like this, you’d have to be home to help the house cleaner onto the property.

Why is this important? Because you don’t want to get hit with a bill when the house cleaner arrives and can’t get to your home. Work with the cleaning service and figure out how to combat these travel conundrums.

7. Sign a Contract

After all this planning, it’s time to get the specifics down in writing. A verbal agreement alone provides little legal recourse if something goes awry.

That’s why you should sign a cleaning service contract. This document should include a list of cleaning expectations, a timeframe, and the ultimate cost of each cleaning.

Make sure you keep a copy of the contract. If you discover later on that the cleaners are failing some of their outlined duties, you can point to the cleaning service contract as proof.

Looking For a House Cleaner?

Time is too precious to squander on a losing battle. No matter how much you clean, the dust and gunk and clutter will be back again. But you don’t have to fight this battle alone.

If you’re looking for a house cleaner, choose the Greater Cincinnati Maids. We have 40 years of experience and extensive employee screening, as well as a robust insurance policy. Request a free quote and discover how affordable a clean house really is.

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