Cleaning Tips to Help You Plan for Unexpected Guests

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It never fails. Just when your home gets a bit cluttered and chaotic between cleanings, you get that phone call. You know the one–the “I’m in the neighborhood and I’ll be there in five minutes” type of phone call. To get your home tidied in a hurry, you’ve got to have a plan in place. Put the following cleaning tips into practice now so you can spruce up in a hurry when surprise guests pop in.

  • Store a package of disinfecting wipes in each bathroom. In less than a minute, you can have the sink and toilet wiped clean. Be sure not to use these wipes on the mirrors, though, as they will leave streaks behind. Instead, flick a little water onto your mirror and wipe it clean with a hand towel.
  • Keep an empty dishpan and a package of cleaning wipes under your kitchen sink. If you find yourself with a sink full of dirty dishes, you can just stash them in the dishpan and hide them away under the sink. Then give your countertops a quick wipe down and your kitchen will be acceptable.
  • Keep attractive storage solutions on hand. Pretty wicker baskets or an ottoman with storage are great places to stash the stuff that is cluttering up your living spaces. Toys, books, and miscellaneous junk can be tossed into a smartly arranged basket or other container. Place folded blankets or throw pillows in the top of the baskets to further hide the mess.
  • Store a vacuum cleaner near your entryway or primary living space. A quick pass with the vacuum cleaner can greatly improve the appearance of a room. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, keep a broom and dustpan within easy reach of the entryway.
  • Plan for final touches. Keep a can of air freshener or your favorite room spray on hand at all times. When company is close, you don’t have time to let a candle or diffuser scent the area. Also, have microfiber cloths on hand for a quick dusting in obvious places. Finally, don’t forget to fluff the cushions or throw pillows as that little step can make a big impact.

These simple steps will enable you to tidy up fast when guests are on their way. When it’s time for a more thorough cleaning, though, be sure to contact us as we can assist you will all of your cleaning needs. We customize our service based on your home and preferences and offer scheduled cleanings when you need them, so your house will look great no matter when some friends or family decide to drop by.

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