Organization Tips for Kid’s Clutter using Household Items

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artboard 1 8 300x278 Organization Tips for Kids Clutter using Household ItemsLet’s face it.  Kids and adults can have different definitions when it comes to organization.  Many times what can seem like an ordered fairytale kingdom to your kids can look like chaotic clutter to you. However, putting things away in the closet or toy chest is not always the best idea.  Kids need organizational systems that they will remember and give them easy access to their stuff.  Below are some organization tips using everyday items:

Memo Boards

These provide younger girls with a place to store and display their barrettes, pins and hair clips.  Simply clip them onto the ribbons and voila!  Now, they can be neatly displayed on her board instead of scattered across her dresser.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Before you trip over another Barbie or Hot Wheels car, why not give them a better home hanging on the door of a closet?  The pockets are large enough to hold most dolls and cars.  Using transparent ones is even better because the kids can see exactly where each toy is placed.

Plastic Bead Storage Cases

Small toys and accessories are usually the first to go missing because of their size.  Fortunately, the little compartments of the bead container offer an ideal space to store and organize all those Barbie shoes and Lego figures.  Plastic pillboxes are another option.

Filing Storage Box

When there’s no more room on the fridge for your budding artist’s masterpieces, organize them by creating a “portfolio” made from a filing storage box.  Folders not only keep their drawings from getting crumpled, but it allows kids to separate them by subject or date.

Once your children see how easy it is to organize their belongings, getting them to control their clutter should be less of a battle.  Getting the kids organized is just one important step to keeping a clean and tidy home. If you need help with those truly big messes contact us. Our professional maids work with you to figure out a schedule and cleaning plan that will fit your needs and your budget!

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