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Spring is in the air and you look around your house dreading the annual spring cleaning/organization ritual. Looking at the whole house can be daunting. Here are some cleaning tips to help you tackle this big chore and maybe have a little fun doing so.

Make yourself a list and organize a different task each day.

Break it down. Making a long list will feel overwhelming and you may not feel as if you accomplished anything. By assigning one item a day, you can easily feel like you were productive, making you want to do more.

For example:

  • Monday – Remove clutter
  • Tuesday – Dust
  • Wednesday – Scrub
  • Thursday – Sweep
  • Friday – Laundry
  • Saturday – Organize and rearrange

Be ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering

Do you really use it? If you haven’t used it in months or you don’t love it, it is considered clutter. Think long and hard if you would really notice that vase in the corner was missing. Just think the more you remove, the less dusting you will have to do.

Donate or sell things you don’t use

If something is in good shape and you don’t use it, donate it. Someone else may need it. Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of something if it’s still in good condition, but just think someone else needs it and you haven’t used it. Plus, you can keep track of items you donate for a tax write-off. – a win-win for cleaning and finances.

Want to earn money instead? Have a yard sale. Sell those items taking up room in your storage. Your wallet and buyers will thank you.

Make spring cleaning fun

This is a chance to feel good about yourself in your new clean and organized home. Play some fun music, dance, sing…do whatever you like. The whole family can get involved by assigning a room per family member. Give everyone a task. You can also make games with this for even more fun. Set timers – who can beat the clock?

Eliminate distractions like the television or your cell phone. This will help you stay on track. Remember getting started is one of the hardest things to do.

Make a list for yearly items to clean

This helps you remember those items that you only clean with each season. For example, dry cleaning winter coats and comforters, cleaning grill and patio furniture. Another important item – remember to change batteries in your smoke detector.

Breathe easy

Not only do you need to clean items you can see, but you also need to clear the air. Consider a few simple items to make your air cleaner. First open windows for fresh air. Consider incorporating some air-cleaning houseplants into your home or an air purifier. Air purifiers can eliminate odors and reduce allergens. It’s also a good time to clean air conditioner registers and replace filters every three months.

With a little organization and fun, your house will feel brand new just like the new blooms outside. Still feel overwhelmed? Contact us to help you get started or stay organized and clean throughout the year.

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