Static Electricity and House Cleaning

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cleaninglady 1 220x300 Static Electricity and House CleaningHave you ever walked across your home or office’s carpeting and gotten surprised by a sudden tingling sensation? Maybe you rubbed inflated balloons on your head as a child in the hopes of getting them to stick to the wall. Either way, both scenarios undoubtedly involved static electricity. At this point you may be thinking, “What pray tell does static electricity have to do with maid service?” You may be surprised to hear the answer.

Although there is more than one type of static electricity in the world, it’s surface static charges that tend to play a role in maid service and house cleaning. Caused by friction, induction and separation, the charges actually have an inherent ability to attract dust and other airborne particulate matter to them. Therefore, the more static electricity charged surfaces that exists in a greater Cincinnati home or business, the more likely our maids are apt to find accumulations of dust. This is especially the case if the air inside of the home or business is dry and cool. Such conditions tend to occur when a person is running an air conditioner.

That said, it is not uncommon to see the power of static electricity used in the creation of air freshening systems, handheld dusters, dust mops and microfiber cloths. Their job is to attract dust to an object or area where it may be easily removed by a maid service, so static electricity can be a help and hindrance to house cleaning! Maid service employees often getstatic electricity shocks when vacuuming. That’s because the movement of the vacuum creates friction, which we noted earlier is one of the chief causes of static electricity. (It’s okay, though, we’re used to it)

So what may be done about a bad static electricity and dust situation? If greater Cincinnati home and business owners feel the need to address it, they may want to invest in anti-static products or consider altering their environment. Examples include keeping the room at a higher air temperature or using a humidifier. As for the dust build-up, our maid service would be glad to take care of it for people living in the greater Cincinnati area. To learn more, please contact us by calling (513) 871-6243.

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